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Designing your sound

My name is Robert Hobson. I started a recording studio business called Silent City Recording Studio by accident in 2008 when I realised I preferred production to performing. I've since recorded, mixed and mastered over one thousand songs...

Finishing a maths degree at Leeds University in 2003, it took several years of acquiring studio gear before taking the plunge and starting my own business. After graduating, I soon immersed myself in the Leeds DIY music scene, organising gigs with my housemate, giving everything we made back to the bands. I quickly found myself playing guitar in a grindcore band (Executive Distraction Tasks) and spent the next couple of years gigging around the UK.

I love good music, regardless of style. If you've checked out some of the releases I've worked on, you'll notice it's mostly metal. I'm passionate about metal production. But I'm also a jazz and classical musician who has recorded and mixed many other styles including: Classical, Choral, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Indie, Jazz, Pop and Reggae.

I still dabble in a bit of composition, and currently write music for my black metal studio project, hvíldarlauss dauðr.

Recent work

You've spent years practicing your instrument, countless hours crafting your songs and perfecting them in rehearsals. I believe in presenting the energy of your performance, without editing away all of that heart and soul. If you want to retain your own sound, with a unique production style, not edited to death, then I'm your guy.

I use a hybrid system of classic analog outboard alongside modern, digital production techniques.

If I am mixing your project and you choose to record yourself, I can act as a consultant and even offer mic and preamp hire.

I've mixed bands across the UK, Europe, to Canada and as far as Australia. If you like my production style, working together on a mix is simple wherever you are in the world.


Mastering is the last technical step in the production process to prepare your music for distribution. I use high-end, mastering grade analog outboard and clean digital processing to increase the clarity, depth and loudness of your mix.

If your mix needs a little help to get it up to standard, ask about my "stem mastering" option.

Mastering your tracks online is a straightforward process. Upload your audio and let me do the rest.

Recording & Production

You can hire me to record and produce your whole album. Or maybe you only need drums recording, perhaps a guitar reamping or a vocal tracking session. There are many different approaches to recording your album/EP and I'm able to offer advice on the best and most cost effective way to proceed.

Recording mostly takes place at the excellently equipped studio Hohm Studio in Bradford, filled with analog hardware and boutique microphones. Alternatively, if you want to record in a unique space, I can bring a mobile rig to you for a location recording, or produce out of another studio.

Arrangements and composition.

As a musician and educator, I am well versed in compositional techniques, reharmonisation and music theory. I can help you to transform or renew your song, offering subtle enhancements where necessary. A transcription service is available, and if you need it, I have many contacts of highly skilled session musicians and vocalists.

Rob Hobson Music ProductionArranged & co-written
Music Production Lessons

One-to-one lessons on modern music production. I have over a decade of experience of: using the best high-end studio outboard gear, studio recording, mixing and private tuition. These days, I mix almost exclusively in-the-box and can show you some tricks and tips to help improve your chops!

These sessions are online via Zoom and £30 for one hour: book as many or as little as you like.




£15 per hour.

In my experience, most songs are mixed to a high standard in 8 to 9 hours. Total mix time can vary depending on the genre, song length and complexity. Contact me for a quote.


Music Production Lessons

£30 per hour session.

Contact info

If you have any queries or would like a quote, please either call me on 07759 592887 Monday to Friday 9am-2pm, or email me at